Review of Vector Vest

I have been “in” the stock market since 1997.  Actually I was in trading all through the 80’s and 90’s, trading in commodities.

Live trading on the “floor”

My brother-in-law had a seat on the Mid America Board of Trade and I would watch him trade on the “floor”.  It was exciting, almost addicting to watch grown men and a few women at the time, yelling and screaming out bids, watching the ticker board flash and the runners scrambling from desk to desk filling orders.  Much has changed now.  I no longer have to wait until the next day’s Wall Street Journal comes out to see prices, open, high, low and close.  I no longer have to buy a charting service that gives me price patterns a day late.  But the excitement is still there; maybe more so.

On-line brokers

I have been to many seminars and webinars over the years.  There are a lot of intriguing programs available.  Almost all the online brokers have a trading platform with a built-in scanning feature as well as charts, fundamental analysis, news sources and more.  Many of these services are free with the usage of the attached brokerage service.

Vector Vest

I was drawn to the simplicity of the Vector Vest Stock Analysis.  I am a very visual person and their color coded approach was right up my alley, and still is.  Vector Vest has a number of built in parameters. As these set markers are met, the system will change colors from RED to YELLOW to GREEN.  The user may also add his/her own parameters to enhance their own trading style and plan.

There are way too many features to go into in this Vectorvest review, but I dare say there is not a seasoned investor that can think of a feature that has been overlooked for successful trading.

Options Module

With the recent addition of the options module, even more features have been added.  Watchlist featuring options that trade weekly, weekly options strategies, specialized options analyzer, profit/loss simulators and so much more.  There is everything and more than an options trader could possibly use on a daily basis.

My Trading Plan

My trading has evolved over the years.  What is working for me now may not work for me in the future.  Vector Vest provides much more information than I need to execute my weekly options trade.  However as with everything in life, things changes from time to time.  There may again come a time when I need more of the information available in Vector Vest.  Rather than change platforms and go through a whole new learning curve, I stick with my old familiar friend.

Yes I could probably find a less expensive platform or maybe even a free one, but a mentor of mine once said, “Don’t trip over pennies in the pursuit of dollars”.

Try Before You Buy

Take a 5 week test drive for $9.95.   (Tell them Dennis Detweiler sent you and I will get 1 month of service free.)  So often I hear people say “I am stuck in this dead end job, and I sure wish could get out of it” or “I need to find ways of making money at home”.  Then when the opportunity pops up, the “yea buts” start.

Wealthy Affiliate review

I always wanted a website but became frustrated with the number of scams I got sucked into.  Getting my money back on a “money back guarantee” can be a life changing experience to say the least.  Then I found Wealthy Affiliates  where I got 2 websites, a week of training and all the support I wanted, FREE.  They did not even require a credit card.

For those looking for 2 solid try before you buy opportunities, you can’t beat these, in my opinion.

MoneyBlock review

There are many online broker-dealer websites available today and more showing up all the time.  The way I sorted through all the possible candidates was simple; my longtime friend and broker changed firms, going with  My association with Money Block has been very pleasant.  Some of the advantages are;

No hidden fees

Advanced Technology and Execution of Trades

  • Free Charting capabilities
  • Free Sorting capabilities

More Options

  • Equities, Fixed Income Instruments, Mutual Funds, Insurance, Stock Options and Futures


  • Apex Clearing House
  • Covered by SIPC

Experienced Management