I Need More Time

I need more time !!

Can we all agree, we need more time?  Whether you are a fireman, a teacher, a doctor, a nurse, a preacher, a farmer, a housewife, a lawyer, a writer, an athlete, a pilot, a programmer, a salesman, a mechanic, an engineer or any other worthy endeavor, the money you have in your pocket represents the time you have spent in the service to others.

There are only so many hours in a day, so how I spend those precious moments is key.  If I’m a pro football player, I won’t be for long if I sit around on the couch playing video games waiting for Sunday to show my glory.  A farmer makes his money when he sells his crop.  However to get that crop takes hours and hours of work in the fields preparing the soil, planting the seed and harvesting the grain.

This site could be for you if you need to find more purpose to your life.  The Creator gave each one of us unique gifts and abilities, and many of us are not using those abilities to their fullest extent.  All too often we don’t pursue our dreams because we feel bound up by of our circumstances.  The mom who may dreamed of being a nurse or an architect now finds herself working two menial jobs just to support herself and two kids. You may be someone who lost their job due to an accident and disability payments aren’t covering the bills.

Maybe you are just plain fearful of taking risk.  You’ve been burned before or maybe your investments have all gone sour.  You may be one of the millions of us who saw our retirement accounts shrink by 40% in 2008.

Whatever your situation is, this website may be for you.  I have added links to things that have been helpful to me over the years.  Please check them out.

Leave a comment, I want to hear from you.  And do come back for another visit because I will be continually adding posts that might just be helpful.




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2 thoughts on “I Need More Time

  1. I completely agree with this post. There are so many times I feel there is not enough time in the day but when I evaluate what my typical day consists of, there is a lot of wasted time between tasks. Typically I am waiting for the next task to start so that wait time is wasted. I could be doing something to help with other tasks or prepare for tomorrows task etc. Thanks for sharing this.

    Best wishes,

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