How Can I Increase My Income?

I belong to a community of several thousands of internet marketers.  As new people join they may or may not choose to include a bio telling why they joined, what their past experiences were and what they want out of the program.  Of course I have not read all of them but of the ones I have read the majority site a need for more money.  The reasons are varied but the theme is strikingly similar.  In my opinion the sad reality is that most people have no plan to fulfill that need.

A Wish And A Hope

It has been said that people spend more time planning their next outing or vacation than they spend planning their future.  They wait until the end of the year and after assessing what they accomplished the previous 12 months they make a New Year’s resolution and start the whole process over again.

Intention + Mechanism = Results

Before I get into the few but necessary details of properly setting up your week’s trade, I want to shed a little more light on the value of this plan. These details will not do any good until a WHY has been identified.  If I don’t know why I am doing something, it more than likely will not get done and the how is worthless.  But if my why is strong enough then the how will appear.  A mentor of mine, the late Brian Klemmer wrote a book describing this concept, If How-To’s Were Enough, We Would All Be Skinny, Rich and Happy.  Another way of stating the same thing is,

The goal in creating this website was to help those people who really have a why, a need to create a supplemental or replacement income, with a plan to do just that.  Many people have made fortunes in the stock and options market.  That is not my intent here. The intent is to show a way to use those markets to make a safe, steady income.  And the real beauty is that this can be accomplished with very little risk capital and a small time investment.

If you look at the Results Page you can see that with an account of $5,000, we consistently brought into our account $1,500 weekly for a total from February 2016 to January 2017, $39,550.  Over 80% of our trades were winners.  This $1,500 weekly income is cash money and can be used for groceries, pay bills, fun or whatever else is needed.  The unique aspect to this plan is the ability to make, weekly, usable cash.  Most investment like IRAs mutual funds, life insurance plans, retirement funds and the like, have limited liquidity.

My next post will be Options 104: Making Weekly Income

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