Doing Good

What Was I Created To Do

I am reading a book titled Do Good Works by Stephen Blandino.  This book is centered on finding God’s design and purpose in our lives.  So often it is just assumed that any sort of mission or ministry is left to the pastors, missionaries, doctors and other professionals.  In some cases it may seem overwhelming to believe I, an uneducated man, can have an impact on the world, my community or even my circle of influence.

We each have our own story and journey to this point in our lives.  There are events that we are proud of.  There are part of that story that may be uncomfortable to think about, but they are a part of what makes us who we are as well.  As systematic view of these pieces may be just what is needed to help me to focus on my real calling.

Defining My Purpose

We’re going to start out with the 1st piece of the puzzle which is pain.  I once heard someone say that my worst pain will become my greatest blessing.  My greatest pain was a huge loss in the stock market in 2008.  Not only did I lose my money, I lost money entrusted to me.  Through that catastrophic event I l lost far more than money, I lost my self-confidence.  There was nothing I could do to right the situation.  Through my prayers and the prayers of others, a healing took place where now I can rationally look at what happened, why it happened and put checks into my attitude and behaviors to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Continue reading “Doing Good”

The 30 Minute Work Week Plan


Using Weekly Stock Options to Create Steady, Safe Income

My desire has been to create a simple, easy to follow plan for creating steady, safe income.  I have always had a soft spot in my heart to help single moms make extra Income.  Not only for single moms but for single dads, the unemployed and the underemployed.

Having been raises by a widowed mom I am very familiar with the challenges that go along with that.  There is never enough time, money or energy to fulfill what she believes it takes to be a good mom to her kids.

When talking to single moms about their finances, several things become very evident.  Their risk tolerance is very low and their time is extremely precious.  In formulating a plan, these two factors got heavy consideration.

Safe, Consistent Income

Continue reading “The 30 Minute Work Week Plan”

Extra Income For Single Parents

Financial Help For Single Parents

Wikipedia says there are nearly 13.6 million single parents raising over 21 million children in the U.S. today.  Single fathers are far less common than single mothers, constituting 16% of single-parent families.

The Social Security Administration says there are over 8 million people receiving disability payments.

Estimates are up to 94 million people in the United States are unemployed and an additional 22 million are considered underemployed.

One may question the accuracy of the above numbers but one thing is for certain, there is a massive amount of people who could use some additional income.

Most single parents are strapped for time.  Between working and commute times of up to 10 or 12 hours per day, they are trying to fill their family’s needs.  There are meals to provide, school events to attend and other obligations to meet.  Time is a scarcity and most people in that situation don’t want or can’t think about adding something else. Continue reading “Extra Income For Single Parents”

Year-end Summary, 2016.

 Test in 2016 Produced a $39,550 Income Using just $5000.

I started this test in February of 2016.  The parameters of the test were:

  1. No real money was used. These were strictly paper trades.
  2. All trades were opened the first trading day of the week and ending on the last.
  3. All trades were made using options that trade weekly.
  4. If my search indicated a high probability of upward momentum, a Bull Put Credit spread was initiated.
  5. If my search indicated a high probability of downward or sideways movement, a Bear Call Credit Spread was initiated.
  6. All positions had spreads of $1 strike prices.
  7. All positions were for 5000 shares. Brokerage requires $1 per share to initiate the position, thus $5000 was required for the trade.  This is also the maximum that could be lost on the trade.
  8. All trades were assumed to have an initial credit of $0.30 leaving a maximum risk exposure of $0.70. Winning trades profited $1500 and losing trades were (sold strike price minus closing stock price, times 5000, up to $3500).
  9. When a trade goes against me, there are recovery methods that can be applied to minimize the loss. I did no maintenance or recovery on any of the trades in this experiment
  10. No Commissions were figured into the results.

During the 48 weeks from February 1, 2016 to January 1, 2017, there were 39 winning trades, 6 losing trades and 3 weeks when my search produced no prospects.

Although only $5000 is required to be held by the brokerage company to do these trades, I recommend a cushion just in case the first one or two trades go against what I anticipate.  I don’t want to be knocked out of the opportunity by not having backup in place.

When I say opportunity, I hope it is apparent that is what this is. Continue reading “Year-end Summary, 2016.”