My name is Dennis and my wife is Liz.  I am a retired lease acquisition person, (landman), for the oil and gas industry.  When I say retired, retirement was not my choice.  Anyone associated with the oil and gas industry knows it can be extremely cyclical.  Maybe you are subject to volatile business cycles also. I was always looking other ways of making a living when not employed and even when away from family on assignment.  Is that you?  If so, the information on this website may be for you.

Single Parents

I also have a soft spot in my heart for single moms trying to raise children while working out side of the home to put food on the table and a roof over their heads.  You are certainly not retired but may have need of an income stream that does not require hours away from your family.  You may like the thought of working from home online in order to be with your family.

My mom worked 40 + hours a week from the time I was 8 until I was in the military.  She drove 20 miles to and from work every day no matter the weather.  She made minimum wage but she sacrificed for my sister and me.

I am well aware of the toll it took on her physically but have no idea of the emotional strain she underwent when there was no money for the sports equipment I needed to be part of school activities.  Nor do I know how inadequate she must have felt as a mom when she couldn’t go to school events or was too tired to give us the attention we desired.

Disabled, Unemployed or Underemployed

I recently suffered a stoke.  Thank God I was not paralyzed or have any long term debilitating conditions.  You may be someone who is confined to your home due to illness or physical limitations.  This website may allow you to be a productive member of your household again.

Options Trading

I first learned about options trading several years ago when I was on the road with work.  A radio ad drove me to buy a book on trading.  I hadn’t read a book of any substance since I got out of school, but I devoured this one.  I went to seminars, read everything I could get my hands on and pursued successful traders.  In my quest for a vehicle to riches, I made many mistakes.  I viewed trading as a joyride rather than a business.  Every business has it’s ups and downs.  Learning to manage the ups and to control the downs was my biggest challenge.   I used the options market like a Las Vegas roulette wheel.  After losing a lot of money, I sobered up to the fact that although the options market can be very lucrative, it also has many pitfalls.  I set about learning how to avoid the potholes.  That is what this website is about.

After My Crash and Burn

Could I participate in this segment of the market with a limited amount of money and time?

There are risks associated with any legitimate business.  Could I control the risks associated with trading as a business?  Could I make a steady, ongoing, reliable income stream with trading?  These are questions I asked myself.  Knowing the people I want to help need to be extremely cautious with their money, could I find a way they could feel comfortable trading in the market?  After much study and simulated trading, I found the answer to those questions to be YES.

Internet Marketing

In addition to loving the excitement of the market, I have always been intrigued with online marketing.  After several failed attempts at building a website and seeing what it costs to have one built, I gave up on that dream.  However I found, (my wife found), a site that rekindled that dream. As a Wealthy Affiliate,  I was able to build this website and another in just 4 days.  Granted they are a work in progress.  I had 7 days free to build 2 websites and to get basic training.  If I wasn’t satisfied, I wasn’t out 1 dime.  Guess what? I was satisfied !

Hopefully I can pass along some of that knowledge to you so you can avoid some of the disappointment I encountered.








2 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. Hello Dennis,

    First of all, congratulations on stage level you have here at WA right now. You are certainly in the right direction. I can relate to your story and, your belief, advocacy and passion.

    I find your site very interesting knowing that only few people, I supposed, that have basic understanding about trading. I myself, find it not easy to understand even though I am very much interested about investing and trading. You are doing great but hopefully as you add more posts in your site you will be able to explain more for an average people like me in layman’s term about trading and how it benefits more people to enter into trading. Probably you can add some investing 101 basic since they are very much related. In my understanding, before you can approach (options) trading, a person must know first about stock market,the fundamental and technical analysis. Options trading is a form of leverage in order to profit from the stock market regardless if the trend is bullish or not.

    But overall, I admire you and find your niche very good and helpful to ordinary people.

    May God bless you more with success here in your online marketing.

    Best regards,

    Troy Torrecampo

    1. Hey Troy, thanks for your comeback and very insightful comments. I certainly understand where you are coming from.

      From my experience, people tend to overthink investing in the stock market. Any stock is only going to do one of 3 things on any given day; go up, go down or very seldom stay the same. Finding the reason and analyzing those reasons can be an extremely arduous and time consuming job.

      Quite frankly that is way above my pay grade and I want nothing to do with it other than take note. To me it is much simpler to define a trend, spot a divergence from that trend and act on it for profit in short term (weekly).

      Trying not to oversimplify the process, I compare it to driving a car. If I had to know everything about electronic ignition, catalytic conversion and fuel injection systems before I left for the grocery store, I would starve to death. I only need to know where the key goes, is there gas in the tank and are the tires aired.

      I really appreciate your feedback and I will be making some options 101 type trainings as time goes on.

      The best to you,

      Dennis Detweiler

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